- Peace for Shawn and I, for Kyle and Miranda and Braden and Connor, for our parents and siblings and nieces and nephews and inner circle friends watching and hurting as we go through this
- that God would keep soft our children's hearts toward Him through all the emotions of this hard journey
- strength and stamina; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
- that the cancer shrinks to gone, gone, gone!
- gentle side effects to this second round of chemo
- family unity, harmony, love, strength, joy, happiness
- anything else you feel God puts on your heart

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Right now

Stressed!!!!! Anger. Frustration. Nerves. Overwhelmed. Kids to care for. Husband to prepare. Anesthesiologist to meet. Freaking out!!!!!!!


  1. Praying for you right now Kristin that God will reveal himself in your stress and frustration and your overwhelming tasks that lie before you.

  2. Deep breath. One thing at a time.
    Deep breath.
    I'm praying for you at this moment.

  3. Thank you!!! God provides. He always does. But I'm also okay with letting those panic moments up and out because it's not good to let them fester.

    Our doc prayed over us and gave us Scripture. !!!!!!!

    God is good, all the time!!!!!

  4. Yes, let them out... share them and vent anytime. That's what we're here for!


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