- Peace for Shawn and I, for Kyle and Miranda and Braden and Connor, for our parents and siblings and nieces and nephews and inner circle friends watching and hurting as we go through this
- that God would keep soft our children's hearts toward Him through all the emotions of this hard journey
- strength and stamina; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
- that the cancer shrinks to gone, gone, gone!
- gentle side effects to this second round of chemo
- family unity, harmony, love, strength, joy, happiness
- anything else you feel God puts on your heart

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twas the night before

Fasting and cleansing and pain.  Not a great combination but definitely did better than I though I would.  Am planning on staying up super late to keep sipping and replenishing clear fluids to plump up my veins.  Plus, I figure I'll sleep longer in the morning. 

My parents and my sisters spent the evening, just hanging out.   Would have been a perfect night had there been appies and board games and Boney M Christmas playing in the background.  Was a good night even as it was. 

And then my kids got sad.  I was doing good until they weren't.

Oh babies.  Get behind them Satan, you shall not prevail in my children's lives!  God is in control and He has a plan and He will take care of us with His huge and loving heart.

Stomach cramps from an empty tummy chomping pain meds.  Sore shoulder and arm because I'm a fraidy-cat and keep putting off the next round of meds due to said 'empty tummy'.

Feeling hopeful for tomorrow.  Praying for only good news and good surprises and good good good all over the day!!!!!

My sis will post an update for you after 8pm tomorrow night.

Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Praying sweet peace on you and your family tonight and tomorrow. Love you Kristin. Thinking of you all day.

  2. Praying through the night for you dear sis. And all morning too! You may be the most prayed for patient of the day!!! Looking forward to good news too! Love you!

  3. Praying for an all-consuming peace to flood you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
    There is a symphony of prayer going up to the heavens tonight and tomorrow too! You are so supported and loved by many.

  4. Satan doesn't know who he's messing with!! There is a huge army of prayer warriors backing him up against the wall!!
    I too will be praying all night and all morning and all day. We will be with Shawn tomorrow and make sure he eats and be there when you are ready for visitors.
    Love you guys!! Looking forward to good news and good reports!!

  5. Kristen..I've been praying for you all day...knowing the date is at hand. I saw your cousin Rob today when he stopped in (our chick salesman).
    God is in control. Praying for peace ...especially for your babies.

  6. Hi Kristin, I’ve stopped by via Keri and Kori. I just wanted to send my prayers, support, hugs and good wishes. Hoping for your surgery to go as perfectly as can be. xx


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