- Peace for Shawn and I, for Kyle and Miranda and Braden and Connor, for our parents and siblings and nieces and nephews and inner circle friends watching and hurting as we go through this
- that God would keep soft our children's hearts toward Him through all the emotions of this hard journey
- strength and stamina; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
- that the cancer shrinks to gone, gone, gone!
- gentle side effects to this second round of chemo
- family unity, harmony, love, strength, joy, happiness
- anything else you feel God puts on your heart

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bored and fabulous!

Today was the first day 'back to school' for the kiddos and 'back to work' for Daddy and 'home alone' for Mommy... and I was bored.  I don't like being here alone all day.  I don't actually prefer to be anywhere alone for the day...except maybe I'd try in Paris... not been to Paris yet.  My love language is definitely 'time spent'.  Anyway... what better opportunity to do some fancy nail art.  Santa brought these nail polish STICKERS for Christmas, how super fun and fancy-schmancy is that!!!  So, I got all gussied up...for my afternoon schnooze.  Cuz I'm fancy like that.   I'm sure my Dad appreciated my effort when he came to visit me this afternoon...thanks for moving the furniture for me, Dad!!! Love you Dad.

Please pray for my Mom, she is valiantly fighting a sinus infection.  We are in serious anti-germs mode at my house and I know it is heartbreaking to her to have to be away from me right now.  She is also my chemo buddy (along with Shawn) and so I super need her to get well quick as I am now at the top of the chemo list ... yay... kinda... yes... YAY!!!   Please, pray that she wakes up tomorrow feeling 100% delivered from any sinus or cold or flu symptoms.  Feel better, Mom.  I need you.  No pressure. Thank you.


  1. Those look like the same nail stickers Paige likes so much. Very fun! And fancy! (And super terrific pic of you, I might add.)

    I'll be praying for your mom. I feel her pain. I've been battling a sinus thing for the last few days myself and I know how awful it is.

  2. When you are cleared of all this nasty cancer stuff sometime this year, I think you should definitely plan to visit the city of lights...and take those oooh-la-la nails with you. Paris is all about such high fashion. The girlie girl in me loved reading that you were feeling up to posh and that your wonderful Dad was the lucky guy. Wishing & praying that your mom is better before the stickies fall off, princess! xo

  3. Cute picture, Kris!

  4. You look great in the photo. I feel for your mother, as I have had unwelcome upper respiratory tract visitors for about a month now.

    The fact that you are bored is a good sign - really.



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