- Peace for Shawn and I, for Kyle and Miranda and Braden and Connor, for our parents and siblings and nieces and nephews and inner circle friends watching and hurting as we go through this
- that God would keep soft our children's hearts toward Him through all the emotions of this hard journey
- strength and stamina; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
- that the cancer shrinks to gone, gone, gone!
- gentle side effects to this second round of chemo
- family unity, harmony, love, strength, joy, happiness
- anything else you feel God puts on your heart

Friday, September 20, 2013

No news

My oncologist miscommunicated when she told me to see her today following my CT scan.  

We showed up, she had left for the day. Her secretary was able to reach her and find us clarification.  I have shed a few tears, felt some anger, feel disappointed in her because of the emotional energy today drained me (us) of, and now am back to feeling thankful that for one more week I am cancer-free.  Because until some test tells me I have cancer growing, I am believing I am cured.  

No news is good news.  

My new appointment is September 26.  We will hear CT results then.

[deep exhale]

Off to spend time with my hubby and kids.  Thank you, Lord, for this time together. Amen.


  1. September 26th I think...not October, right Kris?

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  3. We keep believing with you ♡


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