- Peace for Shawn and I, for Kyle and Miranda and Braden and Connor, for our parents and siblings and nieces and nephews and inner circle friends watching and hurting as we go through this
- that God would keep soft our children's hearts toward Him through all the emotions of this hard journey
- strength and stamina; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
- that the cancer shrinks to gone, gone, gone!
- gentle side effects to this second round of chemo
- family unity, harmony, love, strength, joy, happiness
- anything else you feel God puts on your heart

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dad-and-Kristin time

Sunday morning saw me sad and depressed.  Tears.  Blue.  Shawn and the kids off to church, me home alone.  God spoke to my Dad, sent him here to drag me out of the house.  We went for a drive and ended up at the river, so many favourite memories of me and Dad at the river.  Thankful for my Dad's tender, knows-me heart.


  1. Sometimes Dad's know best!!
    Love this picture :)

  2. Most of the time I clench my jaws to fight the tears when reading your posts... but his one got me. You have more life in you and around you than a lot of people I know. That is how I think of you :)

  3. And what a gorgeous day it was for father-daughter time! What a blessing your dad is.

  4. So many varieties of sunshine in this photo : )


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